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Casey discovered his love of art and music at a very young age. He produces art for the eyes and the ears; mediums do not confine him. As soon as he could hold a pencil, Casey was drawing. In his preteen years, his interest in music brought him to the drums. Casey has put countless hours into perfecting his playing and continues to practice daily. Over his career as a musician, he has had the pleasure of playing with many of the greats. Today he continues to collaborate with other musicians to produce music despite a global pandemic.

In terms of a visual artist, Casey paints, draws, does sculpting and plaster pieces, stained glass and, when given a skin canvas, beautiful tattoos. Casey began tattooing in 1985 after an apprenticeship with a Master tattooist in Alaska. He then travelled worldwide, tattooing and performing as a musician, eventually settling down in Calgary. 

Casey is still living in Calgary, where he continues to practice drums every day and perform whenever possible. To hear music performed by Casey, check out the music page. To view some of the paintings or stained-glass pieces Casey has for sale, check out the art page

Casey is also accepting new clients for tattoos. Check out the tattoos page for pictures of Casey's work.

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